Left Toolbar > Create icon Create Nodes > Shapes icon Shapes

The Create Shapes node allows you to create shapes like circles, rectangles and Bezier splines. Each shape has its own properties: position, rotation, color, stroke width, etc.

In0 Img 1

Out Img 1

The Shape node takes as input the lock image. In the shapes node a Bezier spline is drawn around the lock. The Bezier spline is rendered using the lock image as fill, and a red stroke.


To create Bezier shapes:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Create Nodes > Shapes. Create icon > Shapes icon

  2. Drag the Shapes icon into the Node Graph.

    Shapes node

  3. Connect an input image if you need a image fill.

  4. Draw the shapes in the image viewport.


Images that can be used to use as fill for the shapes.


The drawn shapes, with fill and stroke applied.

Shape Types

The Shapes node supports 3 types of shapes:

A circle with center and radius properties.

A rectangle with center, sizex and sizey properties.

Bezier Spline
A shape composed of control points and Bezier segments.

Attributes Panel

Shapes attributes


Generate Image
If checked, the image is generated.

Display Shapes
If checked, the shapes are displayed in the viewport with lines and points.

Background Color
Defines the background color.

Background Opacity
Defines the background opacity.


Shapes List
The shapes list shows all the shapes that will be rendered. The order of the shapes define the rendering order, so the top most shape will be rendered first.
Clicking a shape in the list makes it the current shape. The current shape is displayed in bold font. The properties of the current shape are displayed and edited in the Shape group.

Moves the current shape up or down in the list.

Delete the current shape.

Converts the current shape to Bezier spline.

Duplicates the current shape.

Shape Properties

The shape properties group displays the properties of the current shape.

The name of the shape.

Fill checkbox
If checked, the shape will be filled.

Fill combo box
Select the fill method.
Color: The shape is filled with a constant color.
Number: The id of the input image to be used as fill.

Fill Color
The color of the filling.

Fill Opacity
The opacity of the filling.

Stroke checkbox
If checked, the stroke of the shape will be rendered.

Stroke Color
The color of the stroke.

Stroke Opacity
The opacity of the stroke.

Stroke Width
The width in pixels of the stroke.

Left Toolbar

The shapes node adds a toolbar to the left toolbar panel when active.

Create circle Create circle
Allows you to create circles in the image viewport using the mouse.
LMB press defines the center, drag to define the radius and release to accept.
RMB click cancels the creation of the circle.

Create rectangle Node Left Toolbar Create rectangle
Allows you to create rectangles in the image viewport using the mouse.
LMB press to define the center, drag to define the radious and release to accept.
RBM click cancel the creation of the rectangle.

Create Bezier spline Create Bezier spline
Allows you to create Bezier splines using the mouse.
LMB press defines the position of the control point, dragging defines the handle of the control point, and release finishes the control point.
RMB stops the creation of the Bezier spline.
If the Bezier spline is created with less than two control points it is deleted on stop creation.

Transform shapes Transform Shapes
Allows you to translate, rotate and scale shapes using the mouse and the transform manipulator.
A Transform Manipulator is shown in the image viewport.

Edit shapes Edit Shapes
Allows you to edit shapes using their control points.

Top Toolbar

The shapes node adds a toolbar to the top toolbar panel when active. This top toolbar is updated when the left toolbar tool changes, or when a new current node is activated.

Transform Top Toolbar

Transform toolbar

Edit Bezier Spline Top Toolbar

Edit Bezier toolbar

Create icon Create spline
Allows the user to create a new Bezier spline. The new Bezier spline will be added to the current shape.

Insert icon Insert spline knots
Allows the user to click a Bezier segment to insert a new control point at that specific location.

Delete icon Delete spline
;Delete: Allows the user to delete the selected control points. If all the control points of the spline are selected, the spline shape is deleted.

Break icon Break spline knots
Allows the user to break the selected control points. If the spline is closed, by breaking a control point it becomes an open spline. Breaking control points can create multiple Bezier splines.

Join icon Join spline knots
Allows the user to weld control points to connect open segments and splines.
Connect icon Connect spline knots
Allows the user to connect the open ends of one or two Bezier splines that belong to the same shape. Connecting the two open ends of a single spline effectively closes the spline.

Reverse spline Reverse spline
Reverses the selected splines. All the knots of the spline have to be selected for the reverse to take action. Double-click the spline to select all knots.

Append icon Append spline
Allows the user to pick an existing shape. The shape will be converted to a Bezier spline and added to the current shape. The selected shape will be deleted from the shapes list.